Domestic Service support

The basic content of after sale service
The conventional technical service

Will send experienced engineers to the scene for technical maintenance and consulting, periodic product and supply system aiwedo companies provide routine inspection, testing and cleaning work, preventive maintenance.
Hotline service
AIWEDO Co., Ltd. set up the customer service hotline telephone and fax, and will assign an experienced engineer on standby to provide emergency support for users, free of charge to answer customer questions.
The system has serious fault, AIWEDO Co., Ltd. will be within the specified time to the scene to solve the assigned engineer.
System maintenance
Once the customer fails to be processed immediately, if the customer is allowed, can call for troubleshooting, telephone is not excluded, please customers through the written feedback, timely diagnosis and troubleshooting, with the most rapid, efficient, fast way for customer service.
The latest technical information
Will be regularly published the latest technical information, the user can timely according to the needs of business development, product to your company’s use of the latest technology service and supply system.

After sale service element
1 telephone support service
There is no limit to the number of the system, as long as you have problems, please call our customer service hotline;
For our staff, your phone will enjoy the highest priority, the priority we will process your phone for help, until they are satisfied with your results.
2 quick on-site service
When your system was confirmed to be a hardware failure, the scene of our engineers will immediately rushed to the scene to carry out emergency repair. Our commitment is: a recent flight or train (when necessary, make the system bus to) your fault time is compressed to a minimum.
3 the regular exchange of visits
We believe that this link is not taken before, but it is very important. That said, there are several reasons:
Some of the problems are of potential, if detected early, will greatly prolong the time of failure free operation system;
Some of the problems are very small, often overlooked, we will according to our experience, put forward the corresponding suggestion;
Sometimes the product and supply system has no obvious fault, but the performance is not ideal, we will propose a system configuration improvement or expansion program, for your reference.
4 based on the above reasons, we will be appointed with the user access communication system, at the same time for the user to send the following contents:
Products and supply system and peripheral equipment routine inspection
The introduction of new products with the industry dynamic information
Lessons from other users
5 training services
The company provides classroom training and on-site training services according to customer requirements.
After sale service policy
Prevention, prediction of fault, to ensure normal backup system, use of online communication and external detection, reduce the scope and time of the fault detection and repair, improve their ability of customers.
Operation information receiving user regular transmission, operation analysis, regular inspection, investigation and analysis of operation, system status, forecast, prevention of accidents may happen.
To the identity of the user, take the initiative to conduct external application testing, put an end to any defect in the application.
Strictly implement the repair process, recording the running condition, the fault phenomenon and solutions.
4-72 hour service hotline, and 24-hour technical expert consultation, to provide online repair solutions.
For does not affect the normal fault system, in the first time, by telephone or online, fax and mail, must eliminate the fault in a short period of time.
For the cause of system or subsystem to stop running fault, sent technical experts to the user site within the specified time, fault diagnosis and solution, troubleshooting.

After sale service standards
Provide after sale service standards by the fault level user system is designated, the following specific services and standards:

Serial number Project Shenzhen Guangdong South Southern China Northwest Northeast
01 Response time 10 Hours 10 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours 24 Hours
02 The Business Hours 10-24 Hours 18-24 Hours 24-48 Hours 24-48 Hours 72-96 Hours 72-96 Hours
For Oversea Market after sale service support,please contact our oversea sales department: