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04 Series Pressure Regulator

04 Series space saving and lightweight miniature regulator offers minimal internal volume and is easy to purge resulting in less retention. Ideal for analyzers, lecture bottles and sampling systems.

Pressure Rating
Maximum Inlet Pressure: 3500 psig / 241 bar
Outlet Pressure Ranges: 0-30, 0-60, 0-100 psig / 0-2.1, 0-4.1, 0-6.9 bar
Body: 316 Stainless Steel, Brass or Aluminum
Diaphragm: Elgiloy®
Seat: CTFE1, Teflon® or Vespel®
Friction Sleeve (inner): Teflon®
Remaining Parts
316 Stainless Steel or Brass (on Brass models)
Operating Temperature
-40°F to 165°F / -40°C to 74°C
Port Size & Type
1/8, 1/4 NPTF
Flow Capacity
Cv = 0.06
Load Type
Stainless Steel or Brass models: 1 lb / 0.5 kg
Aluminum models: 0.5 lb / 0.2 kg